Purchasing the Exhibit

The Bunce Island exhibit is now available for venues in the United States and Great Britain during the 2007 bicentennial of Parliament's prohibition of the Atlantic slave trade and the 2008 bicentennial of the prohibition of the Atlantic slave trade by the U.S. Government. Plans are also underway for a copy of the exhibit to go to the Sierra Leone National Museum in Freetown, the nation's capital city, for permanent display. A community group in Freetown is now raising funds to build a new wing for the National Museum just to receive the exhibit.

The Bunce Island exhibit will be offered to universities, museums, libraries, and other educational institutions in the U.S. and U.K. on the following basis:

  • Participating institutions will pay $500.00 to license the exhibit design.
  • The participating institution will also receive the 8-minute video that accompanies the exhibit at no extra charge.
  • The licensing fee will be used by the Bunce Island Project of the Friends of Sierra Leone for its non-profit efforts to study and preserve Bunce Island.
  • The participating institution will build the exhibit using printed display panels provided by the Bunce Island Project. The institution will build wooden frames to hold the panels using a design provided by the Project. The total cost of the panels and the frames comes to about $2250 in addition to the license fee.
  • The institution owns the exhibit and can use it as long as it likes, but it is asked to sign an agreement to limit its showing of the exhibit to a specified area, such as a city, state, or region.
  • The participating institution can tour the exhibit free to the public in the agreed-up area, but if it charges entrance fees or fees to another institution for showing the exhibit, it is asked to give 50% of the proceeds to the Bunce Island Project.
  • The participating institution is asked to place a donation box at every showing of the exhibit and to give 50% of donations to the Bunce Island Project.
  • The participating institution can order printed catalogs for the exhibit. It is asked to pay the printing expenses and to give 50% of profits from the sale of the catalogs to the Bunce Island Project.
  • The participating institution will receive a CD containing the design for a Bunce Island brochure. It is asked to distribute the brochure free-of-charge.
  • Finally, the participating institution's name and logo will be listed on the "Acknowledgments" panel as one of the sponsors of the Bunce Island exhibit.

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